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US Wholesalers Can Now Buy Small Quantities At Wholesale Prices

A new online website has been announced dedicated to the cause of helping small business owners order high quality items in small to medium quantities at affordable prices. Small US wholesalers can now buy small quantities of items at attractive bulk prices, an option hitherto available only to big company.

The new US based website gives small business that much needed opportunity to meet the competition on a level playing field as they can now get their merchandize at the lowest prices even if they do not order in the usual bulk blocks. The effort is to bridge the pricing gap between large and small retailers and give independent businesses that competitive advantage to maintain the balance in today’s market.

This new business focusing on the supply of bulk quantities of different items to the retail markets looks to fill the need for reliable US dropship business to take care of the interests of retailers who do not have the financial clout or holding power of major wholesale businesses. The best advantage of this type of supplies is that top brands can now be bought in small quantities but at big prices. This helps small businesses make good profits and stand up to the financial power of bigger companies which control market movements and pricing policies.

Small business wholesalers in the US are delivered the supplies free regardless of the quantity of the order. The website proposes to keep the pricing strategy transparent and unlike other major suppliers, there will be no extra or hidden charges, which is another way of hiking up margins. US business can order from an extensive range of the top selling products in the US markets. Their storage space and budgets can now be utilized to the optimum because of the advantages this new supplier offers them.