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Wholesaledeals Scam—Not A Chance

June 9th, 2011

Wholesale deals scam reports are not factual. It is clear that some unscrupulous elements are working overtime to defame the directory service provider. To let you in into some facts:

Wholesale deals has been in existence since 2004 and, in its earlier form, was a company offering direct sale of wholesale products for retailers and eBay power sellers. They are now one of the most powerful online wholesale directory sites in the UK and have changed the way the wholesale supply business is conducted online. Their services are aimed at providing the online trading community products and business information that helps them make the right business decisions.

There are literally thousands of wholesale deals available on the site, which can be browsed by product category, keyword, or even just by profit margin. All talk of a Wholesale deals scam is completely unfounded.

I’ve been a member of this wonderful site since 2010 and have profited from my association with them many times over the past year. I deal in the highly specialized product category of gems, crystals, and stones. Good deals are hard to come by in this niche, but Wholesale deals have helped me find some amazing deals effortlessly. I too have come across wholesaledeals.co.uk scam reports, but through my personal experience, I know what they really stand for.

The deal in Lattica Purple Crystals was my first deal, and it went off like a cracker. The small wholesale lot of 13 units helped my cause, and I was able to net a profit of £156 on every lot at a markup of 150.19 percent. The Crystal Green Buddha was another great deal that earned me £375.87 on every lot of 33 units. There are many other similar deals that I have been receiving regularly form the site.

Nothing about them even remotely suggests that the Wholesaledeals scam is true. I know for sure that they are not.

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