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Using Trade Portals To Locate Dropshipping Suppliers Effortlessly

August 24th, 2011

Genuine dropshipping suppliers are hard to locate especially if you are using internet search engines to find them. Online retailers who have limited resources or want to keep the cost of managing their enterprise down, use the dropshipping method for managing supplies to their online customers.

Dropshipping is the business model in which the retailer sells a product to their customer, collects payment and then ships the merchandize from the dropshipper directly to the customer. The dropshipper is paid the cost of the product and their fees while the supplier pockets the balance without having to raise a finger during the entire process.

Dropshipping is without doubt the most convenient way of getting started in your online retailing business. However, it is important to get genuine dropshipping suppliers for the smooth conduct of your business.

To the uninitiated, dropshipping may seem to be the perfect way to earn profits from selling online but there is need to do some research before choosing your suppliers. Finding a genuine dropshippers list is the first step. A verified wholesale list will give you easy access to quality and competent dropshippers.

Experienced traders suggest using reputable online trade directory sites such as wholesaledeals to find genuine US wholesalers. The trade directory service has a verified and screened list of the best wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and distributors which retailers can access by signing up as a member.

There is need to exercise extreme caution before signing up a dropshipper as scammers too are present on the ecommerce scene posing as dropshipping suppliers and trying to cheat you of your hard earned cash. There are middlemen too trying to scam you by offering products at higher rates and pocketing the profits which should ideally come to you.

Online trade directory such as Wholesaleweb takes care to make sure that the list of suppliers available from their portal is genuine and not connected to any scams.

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