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Ensuring a Trouble-Free Experience with the Drop shipper

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Drop shipping is a good business if you do it properly. It’s simple – you bill the customers who place an order with you and simply forward the order to a dropshipper, also known as the wholesaler or supplier who delivers the product to the customer on your behalf.

Engaging a dropshipper has to be a well thought decision, as they work at the back end and whatever gets delivered to the buyer is on your face value. You must ensure that you deal with a genuine dropshipper, else you could land up in trouble and harm your business and reputation. Taking care of some basic priorities will ensure a trouble-free experience with your dropshipper.

  • Ensure Authenticity – There are many retailers who pose to be drop shippers but are actually scammers. Watch out if the drop shipper demands upfront membership fee or charges you to let you view the product listings. Do research on online directories to find some trusted and reputed suppliers. You can find help on esources.co.uk. Ask for sales brochures, pictures and other marketing material from the drop shipper as they are supported by the parent companies on these grounds. Learn about their ratings and feedback given by others.
  • Coordination – Always make it a point that you are in constant touch with your drop shipper in every way possible. Check the stock list; this will give you information of the available inventory with the drop shipper. Only mention available products in your listings. By keeping track of what the supplier has and what has to be procured will not put you in a situation where you sell a product and delay delivery due to non availability of stock. This will help you avoid negative feedback / ratings from buyers.
  • Adhering to timelines – As a businessman, your job is not only to get orders but also to make sure that the orders are delivered on time. Imagine yourself ordering a cellphone for your mother’s birthday. How would it feel if she receives the shipment after her birthday?  There are sentiments attached with every purchase that a buyer makes and respecting those sentiments is the key to good customer service. A satisfied customer will build faith and give positive feedback which would help earn reputation for your business.
  • Quality – Be sure that the products that you sell are of good quality. Place some orders to your supplier just to physically inspect the items; it also helps you check the way the product is packaged.
  • Legal formalities – It is suggested that you ensure a refund clause in your contract. In certain cases of counterfeit products, the buyer may ask for a refund; in this case, your supplier should pay for delivering counterfeit goods. Having this clause in place would help you fix accountability of refund on your supplier and save you from bearing the loss.

The above-mentioned pointers will help you ensure a trouble-free experience with your drop shipper.

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