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Ebay Suppliers To Use The Latest Web Technology In 2011 To Attract More Buyers

EBay suppliers are happy with the latest announcement coming from the pioneering e-commerce portal. The company smells great opportunities for substantial growth as they hope to bring about a seamless convergence of traditional and online retail sectors. They firmly believe that offline and online markets are blurring their boundaries and new rules of retail selling are being created as a result.

The company management firmly believes that e-commerce is a far too limiting a description in a business where the merger of online and offline streams is inevitable in the near future. EBay is definitely aiming at a growth pace that presents a huge sales potential to all trade suppliers associated with them. The trends are amply clear that shoppers are not wasting their time and money in malls and retail stores but are strongly in favor of online purchases.

Online investors and analysts see this as a tremendous opportunity for eBay retailers and eBay suppliers along with their affiliate merchants.

The biggest and most immediate opportunity could clearly come from the mobile sector with local and social sectors close behind. EBay mobile apps have been downloaded more than a whopping 30 million times, a far cry from the novelty tag it carried just a couple of years ago. Mobile devices were used to purchase more than $2 billion worth of merchandise during 2010. The company expects that figure to more than double during 2011.

Mobile devices are clearly in the process of surpassing desktops and laptops to access the net, and this will also reflect on the mode of payment made by buyers for their purchasers. EBay suppliers can benefit hugely as this will definitely mean faster sales and payment processing and more volume.

EBay management has urged small retailers to focus on reaching their potential customers on all platforms. This includes PCs, web-enabled television and all the technology that lies between them.

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