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EBay Suppliers Are Thrilled By the Sales Generated

July 15th, 2011

EBay suppliers are thrilled that the Royal Wedding has brought about a sharp rise in sales of items such as Prince William memorabilia and street party bunting. Items connected to the wedding in general and the heir to the British throne in particular have risen in sales sharply.

Overall sales in the eBay Royal category are up by a monstrous 132 percent. The nation as a whole has also contributed heavily to the higher sales as items such as street bunting, flags and other related paraphernalia also shot up way beyond expectations.

EBay suppliers have reported that a Union Jack item was sold every two minutes on eBay when the wedding fever was at its peak. Other items also recorded unexpectedly higher sales. Sales of engagement rings were higher by twenty percent during the wedding month as compared to last year figures. Internet users using the online route to make purchases used the words ‘royal’ and ‘wedding’ more frequently this month before they chose their products from eBay stores.

According to an eBay spokesperson, the royal wedding was a great sales booster and the sales for every single day up to the 29th of April, broke new records in items that were even remotely connected to the wedding.

After the Royal Wedding was announced last autumn, online marketing experts had predicted a shopping bonanza for popular online ecommerce sites. At that time, food and drinks were expected to generate the highest expenditure followed by sales of souvenirs, memorabilia and other merchandizse that somehow connected itself to the royal wedding.

The predictions have more or less hit the mark and even exceeded much beyond expectations in some segments.
EBay suppliers have reported a 16 percent rise in their sales and revenue and attribute it entirely to the royal wedding and feverish excitement surrounding the days before and after the wedding.

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