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Amazon Cloud Failure Affect US Wholesalers & Many Other Sites

May 3rd, 2011

The recent news reports about the outage at Amazon is a big wake up call for similar sites that use similar technology to keep their websites scalability going smoothly. US wholesalers say that the outage was unthinkable considering that Amazon is considered to be one of the few portals which were never expected to face such as situation.

Amazon has so far been the prime example of everything that is good on the web. The unexpected and serious outage has affected hundreds of websites for which Amazon is sure to get criticized by US wholesalers, many of whom are among the affected parties.

News reports are quick to remind that for years Amazon has been singing paeans about their elastic cloud which they said has the ability to meet demands of scalability. They had leveraged Linux as the underlying operation systems throughout the site. The system assured scalability of any size without any single point of failure.

The outage proves that there are single points of failure in Amazon’s architecture which puts all their users at great risk. The status report page of the investigations carried out after the debacle took place, says that Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in North Virginia is the core cause of the disaster. That should punch a big hole in the massive scalability theory of Amazon.

According to news reports from reporters following the development, it is not normal for one data center going down for whatever reasons to take down a cloud with it. The fact that it happened clearly reveals that the cloud is not as elastic as Amazon would like everyone to believe. It is also possible that the so called infallible Cloud is at the same risk as any other hosting site.

The incident has disappointed many US wholesalers and thousands of others who have been affected by the disaster. They see it as a proof of what could go wrong with cloud in the future years.

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