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Importance Of Choosing USA Wholesale Firm Offering Dropshipping Services

July 30th, 2011

Retailers engaged in online trading ventures like dropshipping understand how the best USA wholesale companies can help enhance profits. But these resellers also know that it is next to impossible to locate reliable and trustworthy suppliers from the thousands out there simply by using search engine results. Most leads you get from search results will probably be retailers or middlemen who will not be able to offer the kind of discounts that real wholesalers will.

A wholesalers list generally offers information on good wholesale companies. Many such companies may not offer dropshipping services. So is it better to hire a wholesale firm or a dropshipper for your business? Let us find out.

You can easily locate good wholesale firms from a wholesaler’s directory. Since these firms connect the manufacturers to retailers, they are in a position to offer very low rates and good deals. Dropshipping firms purchase goods from wholesalers and sell to retailers. So the goods will be priced higher than the rates actually charged by the wholesale firm. To put it simply, purchasing goods directly from wholesale companies can increase your profits.

If your supplier does not offer dropshipping services, you will have to rent space to store the products you plan to sell. When you partner with dropshippers, they will manage the inventory. Again, USA wholesale companies may offer very low rates. But you will have to invest extra to cover the packing and shipping expenses. Dropshipping firms having tie-ups with the best shipping companies will offer reliable shipping services at reasonable rates.

Notice how dropshippers score over wholesalers? For this reason, expert retailers advise teaming up with reliable USA wholesale companies offering dropshipping services. And to locate such established companies, the best sources would be the leading trade directories.

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