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Finding The Right Wholesaler

February 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, you’ve decided to start out in e-commerce. You know what it is you want to sell, and you’ve found a directory, but how do you decide on a distributor?

First of all, know the distribution channels of your company. There are many different routes that a product can take from manufacturer to retailer. If you have a better understanding of where it is you stand in the supply chain, you can get a clearer idea as to which distributor would best suit you.

It’s worth trying the manufacturer first. This is especially true if the product you’re selling is branded. This way, you’re guaranteed the lowest prices. If your company is not large enough for them to deal with you directly, then ask them for their business directory: You can at least know that these distributors are trustworthy.

Once you have your dropshippers directory, you can contact each wholesale USA supplier. Always be frank with them in order to get an honest response back. Be sure to ask for their unit prices and minimum order requirements.

Don’t stop at this supplier list, however. Search for others online. One wholesalers directory will not necessarily provide you with the best companies. Online, you can search for more business-er within your niche.

If you have no luck with these distributors, then don’t despair. On eBay, there are retailers who’ll sell lots of your product. Another avenue is business-to-business, or B2B, marketplaces. These are global marketplaces that include importers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Networking with industry insiders is a great way of finding out information that you wouldn’t be able to obtain from competing companies. It’s advantageous to build up a good online presence through forums and industry subscriptions. Trade shows are another good avenue and a place in which you can talk with business face to face.

A link directory is an important tool when looking for a distributor. By taking a little extra care and effort, you can be sure to find the right supplier for you and your company.