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Should I Subscribe To A Paid Wholesalers Directory?

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For new and experienced dropshippers alike, one of the biggest difficulties lies in finding reliable suppliers. In the dropship industry, where the prices offered by suppliers can make or break your business, the importance of suppliers who are honest and offer quality products at market prices should not be under estimated. There are usually two ways to find suppliers:

  1. Create your personal wholesale list: This takes time. If you have the time and patience to go through hundreds of supplier websites, contact manufacturers for possible dropship arrangement, and search online for business leads, this might be the best option. The reseller should also explore other opportunities for networking with suppliers, such as trade shows, conferences, and online forums. If you are unable to find dropshipping suppliers in your chosen niche, approach of retail stores for collaboration. Local manufacturers may provide you the contact details of their dealers, and you can ask the dealers to dropship products.
  2. Find a goodbusiness-er:  Many  directories are free. You can browse through them and findthis one at no cost. The problem is that a free directory does not always offer up-to-date or correct information. Many businessman do not even know that they have been listed in the directory! If you are confident about your ability to detect fraud, a free directory makes sense. Access to a paid this list, on the other hand, requires a one-time fee. Usually, these lists are found on an online wholesalers directory that also features dropship forums, trade show alerts,  reviews, and tips for resellers.

Subscribe to a paid directory that lists verified traders. This means that the business and contact details of each trader have been checked and found to be correct. If the trader has listed a website, do a who is search to know who the actual owner of the website is.

Many directories do not require members to pay for a verified list. However, you may have to upgrade to paid membership to access other services, such as forums and alerts. Subscribing to a paid wholesalers directory has many benefits, particularly for sellers who do not have the time or experience to scan the Internet for reliable merchants.

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