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Three Rs To Consider While Choosing A Wholesale Supplier

June 2nd, 2011

Product sourcing is an important part of the retailing business. Which wholesale supplier you use for procuring your supplies can decide how successful your online retailing business would be. Therefore, it is wise to spend some time searching for the best USA wholesalers so you can buy your supplies from reliable sources.

Here Are The Key Factors You Should Look For In A Wholesale Supplier:


Your wholesale supplier should be reliable. Not only should the firm offer good-quality products but it should also ensure timely delivery of supplies. One way of assessing the reliability of a firm is to place a small order with them and check how things work. This will help you get an idea about the quality of their products, whether the firm sticks to delivery schedules, how they handle customer requests, issues and complaints.


Due to intense competition, margins are very thin in the retailing business. To make decent gains, you have to buy your supplies at wholesale rates. However, how do you ensure whether a wholesaler is offering products at wholesale rates or not? For this, you should do some research on the wholesale rates of the products prior to dealing with a wholesaler. Amazon and eBay are the best places to check wholesale rates.

Apart from checking the rates, you should also pay attention to the minimum order requirement. Buying at wholesale rates does not necessarily mean that you need to place a very big order.


You should choose a wholesaler who is well equipped to meet all your product-sourcing needs. Find out if the firm has resources to ship products to your store or warehouse, how quickly they can supply products in case of urgency and if they have an order tracking system.

If a wholesale supplier meets your expectations on these three Rs, you should aim to negotiate a deal with him or her fast.

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