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Tips For Finding Wholesale Suppliers For Your Products

If you want to excel in the online retailing business, it is important that you choose good wholesale suppliers for sourcing your products. Having said that, locating the right product sources is not easy. Though you can find thousands of wholesalers through search engines, it is difficult to decide which ones are legitimate and which are fake. Therefore, it is best to use trusted sources like wholesaledeals.co.uk for getting references of wholesale sources.

Here is a step-by-step guide for choosing the right product sources.

  • Get references – You can get references through acquaintances, review websites, wholesale forums, trade directories like wholesaldeals.co.uk, trade events, and trade organizations like a chamber of commerce. The more references you have, the easier it will become for you to locate suppliers that meet your business requirements.
  • Do some research – Before approaching suppliers on your list, you should gather some information about them through the Internet. You should visit their websites to learn about their products and policies and visit online trade forums to get their feedback. You should also contact the Better Business Bureau to find how credible the supplier is and if there are any complaints against the firm. This initial research will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and make it simple for you to choose the best wholesale source.
  • Contact suppliers – You should call the short-listed suppliers in order to gain more information about their business and products. You should ask them plenty of questions, like what their minimum order requirements are, how much credit they give to retailers, if they arrange for shipping, what their lead times are, the size of discounts they can offer, and how they deal with customer complaints. If you have some specific requirements, you should ask the firm if they could cater to them. Do not be afraid to put your needs forward. Your association with the supplier may last for a long time, and therefore, it is important that you clearly specify your requirements and expectations.
  • Get feedback from clients – Getting feedback from clients is the best way to judge if the firm is right for you or not. Therefore, get referrals from the firms you intend to associate with. Ask clients about their experiences with the firm—do they encounter problems like late delivery or poor quality regularly, does the customer service responses to their queries satisfactorily, and do they face any hassles during returns and exchanges?
  • Negotiate the deal – Once you select two or three suppliers, you should negotiate with them for better rates. You can also negotiate for better terms and conditions, like if the supplier accepts returns within 15 days of purchase but you want at least a month’s time, you should persuade the supplier to offer you some leniency in this matter. However, make sure that you have a written agreement including information about rates, quantities, minimum order requirements, payment dates and modes, and other terms and conditions to avoid any disputes.

Selecting the right supplier may be overwhelming, but you can simplify this task by making use of wholesaledeals.co.uk, the fastest-growing UK trade directory giving information on only verified wholesale sources.

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