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Is Your Wholesale USA Supplier a Decoy? Find Out Now

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Many online retailers find it extremely difficult to differentiate between a legitimate wholesale USA supplier and a scammer. Most of them seek out suppliers the easy way by searching on the Internet for the wholesaler of a particular item. The results that show up can be a mixed bag of both reliable and fraudulent suppliers.

There is a very good reason to be wary of names that you know nothing about. Their fancy websites and dazzling graphics do not guarantee their legitimacy. There is a need to be proactive and do some sensible research before you move ahead with your plans.
When you locate these sellers dealing with your types of products, it is advisable to locate their physical addresses using tools such as Google maps. You can even consider visiting them if it is feasible.

You can consider becoming a member of a wholesale forum or a dropship directory. They will have a list of suppliers, all tested for their legitimacy. The well-known and most-used suppliers are found on the lists of such forums. The discussion panels of such forums can be used to ask members about their experiences with certain suppliers. There are many reliable supplier USA directory services that you can use for getting information about legitimate suppliers.

There are some other telltale signs that tell you many things about US business. You can, for instance, check out the number of years the company has been in existence and whether the website is being regularly updated. Genuine suppliers will update their inventory lists as and when they introduce new products. A business website that remains stagnant and shows no sign of new news and updates is in all probability a decoy.

The reviews and testimonials on the supplier’s website also give a good idea of its legitimacy and performance. Many established retailers do the simple task of calling for samples of products when they have to deal with a new dropship supplier. If the samples do come and if they are genuine, you can go ahead with the deal.

There are many ways of checking the veracity of the claims of a wholesale USA supplier. Online forums are by and large the best ways to get more detailed information about them.

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