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UK Consumers Continue to Lead Others in Online Shopping According to UK Wholesalers Reviews

April 11th, 2011

The latest news emerging from the UK markets is that the appetite for online shopping among UK families and individuals, continues unabated. According to UK Wholesalers reviews, internet shoppers in the country have spent twice the amount on online purchases as compared to any other European country.

According to recent reviews, the UK’s online buyers have made, on an average, 19 online purchases in the last six months, spending more than £ 1000 during the period. Only Poland comes close to giving tough competition to the UK consumers with 14 purchases in the last six months followed by Germany where consumers parted with an average of £ 595 over the same period.

UK wholesalers’ reviews found that internet advertising was more prevalent in the UK than in any other country. They figure for almost 27 percent of the total advertising revenue. However, when it comes to mobile advertising, UK advertisers were left behind by Japanese advertisers who spent a whopping £ 5.57 per capita as compared to a paltry £ 1.14 per capita by UK advertisers.

Reports show that the UK has comparatively higher levels of take up of services related to communications such as landlines, mobile connections, fixed broadband and digital television. It lacked behind other countries when it came to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

While France and Germany emerged as the most worried online shoppers with their worries revolving around security of their payments, the UK consumers are the most confident shoppers in Europe. UK  report that the primary reason why more consumers shop online in the UK is because they believe that online shopping provides them a better deal in terms of pricing. They are not so concerned about the product features as compared to their French or Dutch counterparts.

Reports also reveal that for the younger generation of online UK shoppers, pricing was irrelevant.

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