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Avoiding Scam Ebay Suppliers

There are a multitude of trustworthy eBay suppliers. However, there are also numerous eBay suppliers who simply want to take your money and scam you. Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can avoid this and protect yourself and your money.

Company Details

Always check the details of eBay suppliers thoroughly. Ensure that all the contact details provided are accurate, including the telephone number, physical address and email address. They might have more than one address, for offices and warehouses. If all they have is an email address then they’re probably not legitimate US wholesalers. Likewise, be wary if the phone number is a mobile number and not a landline.

When you telephone pay attention to how your call is answered: a genuine business will do so with the name of the company and not just a simple greeting. Also, be aware of the customer service provided and how good they are at answering any questions you ask.

Payment Details

Be wary of dropshipping suppliers that only offer wire transfer for payment. Even if they offer up lots of good reasons as to why this is. For you, this is a very risky option. If there were to be any problems, then basically you will have lost your money because it’s hard to track this form of payment.

One of the best payment options is via credit card as you have more control over your money should you choose to cancel the payment. Although, just because a company doesn’t offer this as an option doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re out to scam you.

Use trustworthy directories when looking for reliable eBay suppliers. There are a lot of legitimate US wholesalers but it pays to research each of them thoroughly.

By properly checking out the company details of eBay suppliers and being wary of payment options, you’re on a sure path to choosing a legitimate company over one simply out to scam you.

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