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Wholesaledeals.Co.Uk Scam Reports Demolished

June 25th, 2011

If you are looking for the best wholesalers and dropshippers for your online e-commerce store, then your search ends at wholesaledeals.co.uk. Unlike other unscrupulous trade directory sites, they are not a scam but a genuine and well-established wholesale trade directory service that is fast becoming the preferred destination of the trading community.

Wholesale Deals was started in 2004 as a direct seller of wholesale products to eBay power sellers and small and medium retailers. The report of the portal indulging in scam acts was started by certain people after they established their presence as one of the top-notch trade directory sites in the UK and exposed many dropship scams. The effort to label them as dubious continues, and behind this orchestrated effort are those very elements that have been exposed by the portal.

I am associated with wholesaledeals.co.uk for quite some time now, initially as a free member and now as a premium retailer. The premium-grade membership has made a huge difference to my business as I now get ready and reliable information about the latest wholesale deals for my product category. Also, it helps me stay clear from any dropship scam and other dubious acts of scammers.

The best deal I struck recently was with the Belkin 12.1-inch Neoprene Sleeves for notebooks, a product in the computer peripherals category, which is my niche. It has an incredible markup of 967 percent and gave me a profit of £5,821 on a lot of 257 units. The product is a bestseller on Amazon and eBay, and that helps a lot. The Targus blue retro design laptop skins are available at just £1.20 as against their RRP of £9.99. The spoils? A healthy £175 on every 20 units.

Wholesaledeals.co.uk has helped many small retailers make a huge difference to their businesses. They keep the community protected from any scam, which has helped in building a safe and secure trading atmosphere.

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