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Wholesaledeals Scam Reports Cannot Explain The Profits That Retailers Are Making On The Portal

June 24th, 2011

Wholesaledeals scam is something that most people connected with the online selling business must have heard about, but only few are aware of the real story behind these reports. Those who are deeply associated with Wholesaledeals will take these reports with a pinch of salt because they know what the portal really stands for.

Wholesaledeals is the preferred destination for many online retailers because it is one of the few online wholesale directory services in the UK that actually works for the retailers without bias or prejudice.

Wholesaledeals.co.uk scam articles are the handiwork of those who have been exposed by the portal as a part of their effort to clean up the e-commerce markets.

Wholesaledeals works for the benefit of the small and medium-sized retailers. They are doing a great job of keeping fraud elements, scammers, and middlemen away from the trading scene. The suppliers listed on their portal are verified and genuine, which is the reason why small retailers do not find it tough anymore to locate reliable wholesale suppliers for their e-commerce retail stores.

I am associated with Wholesaledeals as a registered member in the costumes and partyware category and have been at the receiving end of their generous deals for the past two years. The Wholesaledeals scam is a nonissue to me because I know the huge potential that the directory service has for my niche.

The Mile High Captain fancy dress costume is one of the product deals that brought in great profits for my retailing company recently. The wholesale lot was a lowly 10 units, and the profit I made was a neat £176.30 on every single lot with an unusually high markup of 142 percent. There are many other similar deals going on at present.

If reports of a Wholesaledeals scam were true, then why would they give me an opportunity to make such fantastic profits?

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