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How Can Retailers Benefit From A Wholesalers List?

January 24th, 2011

The key to succeed in retailing business is to have a reliable wholesale source. However, finding reliable business is not easy. Usually, genuine suppliers and drop shippers do not advertise because they have a long list of customers to serve. Therefore, reaching them becomes difficult, especially for a novice retailer. If you are searching for the perfect dropshippers, you should start your search with a distributor list available at a wholesaler’s directory or a dropship directory.

A dropship list provides contact information of drop shipping firms. There are two types of business lists – paid lists and free lists. You might be tempted to use a free list of drop shippers, but you should know that there is a downside associated with free lists.

The information given in free lists may not be accurate and therefore you may not be able to benefit from them. Sometimes, the firms in these lists are not wholesalers; they are middlemen. These middlemen pose as real suppliers and sell products at marked up prices, thereby affecting your profits. Also, some lists are outdated. They contain information about firms that may no longer be in business. They may also exclude some new and trustworthy business sources.

It is best to get a paid list from a trustworthy source. You could visit our forums and review websites to learn about the reliable sources of these lists. Usually, these sources given in paid lists are verified. Therefore, they help you avoid dropship and  scams. Moreover, some of the firms that provide these lists go the extra mile and educate their customers on how to choose a business  source, how to avoid drop shipping scams and how to negotiate a deal with a dealer.

A dealer list could also help you in identifying the firms that offer drop shipping services. Some of them also help you get special discounts.

Though a wholesalers list comes in quite handy for retailers, you should use them cautiously. Always research the firm before contacting them and never share your personal and financial information with an unknown firm.

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