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Wholesale Directory—The Benefits

February 5th, 2011 No comments

A good wholesale directory has many features in addition to a list of dropship suppliers. People new to dropshipping, or already established in business, look to this directory to help them grow their businesses. A verified list of dropship suppliers helps the directory owner find the right suppliers, such as USA dealers, for their businesses. When you collaborate with an experienced, honest distributors, you get many benefits, such as big pricing, low shipping charges, and zero joining costs. A reliable business man reduces risks to the business by offering quality products and fast shipping.

Use a Wholesale Directory to Find the Best Wholesaler

January 27th, 2011 No comments

If you are a retailer, you know that the customer is king and you need to keep them happy in order to run your business successfully. Nowadays, the expectations of customers are very high; they want the best quality products at the cheapest prices along with good customer service. To meet the needs and expectations of customers while keeping your margins healthy, you need to find a reliable business man and a directory could help you in this task.

How Can Retailers Benefit From A Wholesalers List?

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

The key to succeed in retailing business is to have a reliable wholesale source. However, finding reliable business is not easy. Usually, genuine suppliers and drop shippers do not advertise because they have a long list of customers to serve. Therefore, reaching them becomes difficult, especially for a novice retailer. If you are searching for the perfect dropshippers, you should start your search with a distributor list available at a wholesaler’s directory or a dropship directory.

How to Make a Wholesaler List

January 21st, 2011 No comments

Most people new in the business spend their first few months trying to get their hands on a wholesaler list or some kind of readymade directory. The objective is to get in touch with genuine suppliers or even drop shippers from whom they can buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, there are few readymade sources and the ones that exist are not exhaustive. The best way to get started is to create your own dealer’s list by following these tips: